May 2012: DCL Print Installs XMF Prepress Worklow

DCL Print has installed the XMF prepress worflow from Fujifilm at both the Crawley and Wotton-under-Edge sites.
The XMF install provides both DCL Studio teams with state-of the-art prepress tools to further increase quality and productivity.
"Fujifilm Workflow XMF is built from the ground up on industry standards and state-of the-art technology such as JDF and Adobe’s new PDF Print Engine. This gives print service providers the flexibility and ease-of-use that they need to maximise their productivity, quality and efficiency.
XMF’s unique 3D proofer allows you to visualise jobs online as they will actually appear when completed. You can flip though pages, verify layout and colours, zoom in to dot level and even view special finishes and varnishes. You can also export a self-contained 3D job preview to assist in client approval."
- from XMF product brochure.

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